It's good... but is it wright?


"Before the Icon Quest we did feel like a passionate club of inventors, but we also found it hard to give meaning to that sense of identity. What's the value of being passionate when it often made us too enthusiastic and got us in trouble when we needed to focus on deadlines and getting things done. We wanted to learn how to become both efficient AND adventurous, but to actually incorporate these two values in our company culture was easier said than done.  

Then, we decided to do the Icon Quest and learned about the story of Orville & Wilbur Wright. Did you know that the Wright Brothers were true masters in combining efficiency and adventure? As absolute underdogs they succeeded in inventing the airplane, thanks to bringing these two quality’s together. They flew straight into the history books. All by sticking to their mentality.  

The Wright Brothers' story is our daily reminder of what is possible if we stick to our main values. Efficiency and adventurism. Nowadays we make all our decisions, big and small, based on the company credo: It’s good but… is it Wright? This way we keep our story straight at all time. Internally and externally."

Ritske Clewits - CEO:


Call us The great explainers


"I met Wayfinders right before my company went into rapid growth. On a deep level, the Icon Quest added value to the healthy and stable growth of my company. Now that our core is so crystal clear, it’s very easy to make strategic or daily decisions. No complicated or abstract protocols are needed anymore. It’s as if my entrepreneurial intuition has been upgraded by this compass they handed me and my team, our icon Richard Feynman!

Just like me, Richard Feynman is a physicist. And a very famous one who once won the Nobel price in science for his work in Quantum Electro Dynamics. But that’s not all. Like no other, he is capable of clearly explaining complex concepts, and transforming them into understandable stories. It’s why he is known as “the great explainer”. And what is it that we do? We make complex concepts understandable for a broader audience through accessible video’s. There’s no better match to guide my company.

I found Wayfinders to be very thorough and professional. They are very involved and have an open vision when looking at your company. No fake marketing sauce but real solutions by truly looking who you are."

Charlotte van Leeuwen - CEO/Founder




"It’s a pity that the Icon Quest is over, because we really miss the professional and result driven sessions. While it’s been a lot of fun, it has also been very useful for the company, during the phase we were in. The last couple of years we grew steadily, to a point where we needed to recalibrate. Back to what we stand for, who we want to be and what our true north is.

The old core values have been upgraded to a tangible compass everybody in our company can relate to: Danny Ocean. He's a playful strategist who gets his kicks from solving the most challenging puzzles with the most talented people. All whilst maintaining a fun loving mentality. If the fun part is missing he'll ask you: "Where's the fun in that?"

Thanks to Danny we live in a new world where everybody breaths the same culture. With the concrete compass we now have, we were able to translate our culture into a new logo, a new corporate identity and we even implemented it in the interior of our new office." 

Jules Prick -Founder


Let's attack the summit


"The Icon Quest helped us to communicate where we stand as a company and what we can mean for our clients, all in one concrete image. We fully adopted the mountaineering metaphor in our company. Our salesforce has to conquer their 7 summits, in our performance interviews we talk about ones position on the mountain, and we're all about reaching the summit for our clients, thanks to Tenzing Norgay.

Tenzing was a Sherpa in the Himalaya region. In 1952 he was the first to lead a person to the summit of the Mount Everest. That person was Edmund Hilary and together they are among the Times most important 100 people of the past century. His life story is all about companionship and perseverance. Without Tenzing, Hillary wouldn’t have made the summit that year.

Wayfinders gave us a crystal clear and easy to implement universal language on which we based our new brand positioning. But maybe even more important. All our employees are able to use this compass for their own decision making and work autonomously in line with who we are."

Anton Slager - CEO