We make it tangible. And when we say tangible we truly mean 'monkey see, monkey do'. Instead of finding core values (which nobody remembers), or drawing a why-how-what-circle (which ends up in the bottom drawer), we give you the easiest way for everybody to act from the core of your vision. We give you an historic icon to look up to. 

In the Icon Quest we work with the power of role models. ‘Iconic Culture Design’, we call it. Based on your DNA, we select an historical icon with an inspiring story and a mentality just like yours. By standing in his (or her) shoes, everybody learns to reason from the core of your company. Whatever the situation might be. Just ask yourself: “What would Nelson Mandela do?” Or “Gustave Eiffel, Cleopatra, James Dean” or… Which historic icon would mirror your company’s identity?


Here are some concrete examples on how this helps you.

1. It's as easy as asking your mom what she would do. Only now your mom is Steve Jobs.

2. HR uses it to predict who fits the company. Would Gustave Eiffel like this candidate and hire her? (Did you know a mis-hire costs 50 to 150% of an annual salary?) source: Effectory

3. New employees use it to find their way in the company. Would Cleopatra ask for help during her first week? (Onboarding is extremely important and often gets forgotten in times of growth) Source: Wayfinders

4. Marketing uses it to convince your customers. Would James Dean approve of our new outdoor campaign? 

5. An engaging brand culture makes employees happy. (Did you know happy employees are up to 20% more productive?) Source: Effectory